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    Got this from Schnappi

    Schnappi is still a little "web challenged" so he sent this by e-mail...

    As you may be aware, two aircraft, flying in severe good weather, over the desert, somehow managed to ram into each other killing 4. I am told that a great numbers of accidents occur in perfect conditions. I can understand if the skies are crowded or you have two pals flying formation or in my case, a nutty pilot with a TBM started making gun runs on me. Got very close a couple times and I was hard on the radio, until Washington control ordered him to land , like right now. I got interviewed and he claimed he wasn't close so I turned on my camcorder. Guy lost his ticket for a year and I gained a very angry enemy ending with a small punch out in the big hangar at Winchester.

    Also, I hope you saw the photos of the Cessna that flew into the guys roof out at Herndon. Night flight, fuel problems, but he said he was taking IR imagery. Of what? Crashed through the roof, owner comes down the hall, guy gets out of plane and says"is this your place?" No fire which indicates he was out of gas.
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    I think what our friend Schnappi is asking about is the ubiquitous flight safety conundrum of "Stupid Pilot Tricks."

    Given that most flight instructors in the USA are teenagers, either numerically or mentally, the maturity level and aeronautical decision making (i.e. judgement) isn't transmitted to students.

    I would love to have seen the showdown at Winchester....
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