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    Woderful Commemorative Video - Will Youngsters Remember?

    I am touched by this well-done video but I wonder...

    The Oshkosh video above, makes me reflect on how much energy you Americans, as a culture and allow me to say up front I admire such an attitude, spend trying to educate youngsters on the history of those who came before. Political and economic reasons notwithstanding, not to say anyone is explaining them the bitter truth about that, I mean the designers, test pilots, engineers, pilots, etc etc. ...those who put all they had persuing what they believed in and for good or worst, managed to do a difference.

    But I wonder if the message indeed goes through in proportion to the enormous effort involved. Granted, many are having the fun of their lives trying as we get our joy from a spectator behind the showline. It was obvious at Airventure 2012, that military historical exhibits, both static and dyinamic, almost overshadowed the experimentals and if you ask me to pick one extreme example of complexity, knowing its story, "FiFi" and exercising our imagination, how many youngsters do you think knew anything deeper than its role in droping the A bombs ?

    Just late night wanderings. Maybe sparked by the zillion details the attached video's few minutes can recover from memory in our generation. Should I mention Bob Hoover, Anderson, Ed Schmued, the Helldiver teething troubles, the Far East Theater, outclassed P-40s, Doolittle ? name your own. Going a step farther back, to the pre WWII involvement, do you think they know what was discussed, much less what was at stake, when isolasionists had their heated discussions with interventionists ?. Try talking about anything in the shortlist ...or yours, to most youngsters and not so much, tell me you can get some enriching feedback and please! and...share your secret, because I fail with total success everytime.
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