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    Safety Anecdote from Schnappi

    Our friend Schnappi is still struggling with posting on the forum but still sharing stories:

    So, one of the scariest things I have seen is somebody prop starting a plane. FAA regs says you must have a qualified pilot at the controls. Well, a bold pilot at Winchester decided to prop start his plane with no one at the controls. The plane started, the pilot tried to run and catch it but failed. Everyone at the airport watched in rapt fascination and horror as the plane made a VFR direct bee line for the fuel tanks. Fortunately, they had placed big steel and concrete posts around the tanks and the plane hit them dead on. The prop was torn off and whistled nearly 300 yards and landed very precisely on top of one of the hangars. The engine tore itself right out of the plane and ricoched down the flight line. Pretty cool demo especially since there was an FAA safety inspector right there.

    When everything settled down, the planes owner who was a different guy than the pilot looked at what was left and asked if anyone wanted to buy the remains. $600 for a fairly well maintained 182.
    The pilot, who the week earlier had run out of gas and landed on route 81, just walked over and handed his license to the FAA guy.

    I learned that all interstates have regularly spaced straight stretches that were planned as alternate landing sites.

    Lessons learned, keep your license handy if you are stupid.

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    Actually, Schnappi, having a "qualified pilot at the controls" is a good practice, it is not specifically required.

    In FAA-H-8083-3A Airplane Flying Handbook, it say Unsupervised "hand
    propping" of an airplane should not be attempted by inexperienced
    persons. Regardless of the experience level, it should never be
    attempted by anyone without adhering to adequate safety measures.
    Uninformed or inexperienced persons or nonpilot passengers should never
    handle the throttle, brakes, or switches during starting procedures.
    The airplane should be securely chocked or tied down, and great care
    should be exercised in setting the throttle. It may be well to turn
    the fuel selector valve to the "off" position after properly priming
    the engine and prior to actually attempting the hand start. After it
    starts, the engine will usually run long enough with the fuel "off" to
    permit walking around the propeller and turning the fuel selector to
    the "on" position.

    CERTIFIED PILOTS, talks about hand propping in paragraph 16(b).

    They might get you for "careless or reckless" but there's not a specific FAR requiring it.

    A better practice, in my mind, is to tie down the tail. Then you have all the time in the world if you didn't check the position of the throttle before swinging the prop...

    Anyone else on the board care to share hand propping experiences?
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