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    Risk Management is an OODA Loop

    It came to me.

    The guy working on the house was going in and out of the front door which is of the wide sliding glass variety.

    The big X of black electrical tape at eye level for him said it all in one instant.

    The hazard was a big clean piece of glass sliding open and closed right in the path between his work and his tools/supplies (i.e. he'd be walking that way a lot).

    The risk was he wouldn't notice when it was closed and walk into it.

    Likelihood was fairly high given the frequency of his trips past it.

    Severity would be pretty high if it broke, both in cost to repair and potential severe injury.

    Mitigation strategy: Big Black X to make the window more visible.

    Put another way:

    OBSERVE - the environment and hazards

    ORIENT - understand the spacial relationships and potential for mishaps

    DECIDE - (TO AND HOW) to mitigate the risks

    ACT - Mark the window with Black tape.

    Cycle continues as long as he confirms the tape is still there when he comes to work.

    Risk Management is an OODA loop.
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    For anyone wondering what an OODA loop is, here's a link to an article describing it:
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