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    Straight-Tailed Cessna 172

    My favorite of the "Wichita SPAM Cans." When I first began flying, a local county commissioner let me use his 1957 Cessna 172 for lessons. I kept it polished, he let me fly it once a month. We both won.

    Fast forward 15 years. I do some wrenching for a friend, and he bought this 172 on a whim of sorts. He saw it on the bulletin board when he made a fuel stop, and bought it on his way back through town. Heck of a bargain. He had a friend in mind whom he thought was looking for just such a plane. Turns out, she wasn't interested after all.

    Anyway. I got to help limp her home after the starter shaft sheared off and we had the engine out for a metal contamination inspection. After putting her back together, I flew her partway home.

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    These old 172s are lighter than any later models. Thus, with no more than 145 horsepower, they actually climb as well as their more powerful, newer counterparts.

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    So, the owner hung a "For Sale" sign on her this week. Anyone else ever played with one of these? Bang for your buck can't be beat!

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    A handsome looking plane, PP.

    Is it still for sale?
    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    As far as I know, it is. I think it's got a $24K pricetag on it. I'll dig up details and post 'em here, provided Thor doesn't mind the use of a thread as a classified...

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    Since the lady asked, lightning will not strike you if you post the details...

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    You guys are sooooo sweet!

    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    Thanks, Pasturepilot.

    It looks nice but the ship needs a new set of sails and as you know, the boy's toys always come first.

    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    No more super airplane adventures or bargain aircraft?
    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Helga View Post

    No more super airplane adventures or bargain aircraft?
    I flew this bird today. She's still for sale. Still a bargain.

    But I'm holding out for something without that nose gear thing hanging off the front.

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    Good choice.

    Me too.

    I ended up with some close and very good friends after a yellow Citabria lured me down for a visit to Georgia.

    I'm thinking that will do fine (the Citabria, not necessarily a yellow one).

    I intend to fly until my beard gets caught in the propeller. And since I don't plan on growing a beard, that may be a while. Ernest K. Gann, age 69

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