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    Flying Magazine's "51 Aviation Heroes"

    Flying Magazine has released their list of "51 Aviation Heroes," and there are plenty of good ones. Dutch Kindelberger impressed me by being the first name as one starts up the list, and there are some surprises in there.

    Take a look and see if you see some familiar faces. I've met Yeager, Hoover and Rutan. Many of the others had passed on before I took interest in these flying contraptions.

    Some of the names may be fleeting stars on our radar or they may stick around for bigger and better things. Felix Baumgartner, for one, comes to mind. He rode a balloon to the edge of space and made a supersonic freefall skydive, and that was impressive. But hero material? That's more sideshow than hero, at least in my book.

    Ernie Gann made the list and for that I'm grateful. I fly with at least one or two captains a month who never heard of him. That's a crying shame. His contemporary, Bob Buck, didn't make the list. Buck authored "North Star Over My Shoulder," and "Weather Flying," after a year of flying a WWII bomber around the globe to find, penetrate and research the worst weather he and his crew could find. He went on to retire as a B747 captain. Gann could tell a hell of a story; but Buck could really understand and explain the forces at play behind the event.

    C.G. Taylor and Piper all made the list. I believe counting the two as one was fair enough, but they forgot Walter Jamoneau. He's the one who took Taylor's Cub and made it into the wonderful aircraft we've all enjoyed in the years since.

    How about you? Who'd you smile to see on the list, or who would you have added?

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    Taylor's Cub and made it into the wonderful aircraft we've all enjoyed in the years since.
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    Captains who have never heard of Ernie Gann?

    What's the world coming to?

    Even Carl's a fan.

    Have you seen his signature?
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