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    Scott Carpenter, One of the Original Seven Astronauts, Is Dead at 88

    Associated Press

    M. Scott Carpenter, whose flight into space in 1962 as the second American to orbit the Earth was marred by technical problems and ended with the nation waiting anxiously to see if he had survived a landing far from the target site, died on

    Thursday in Denver. He was 88 and one of the last two surviving astronauts of America’s original space program, Project Mercury.

    His wife, Patty Carpenter, announced the death. No cause was given. Mr. Carpenter had entered hospice care recently after having a stroke.

    His death leaves John H. Glenn Jr., who flew the first orbital mission on Feb. 20, 1962, and later became a United States senator from Ohio, as the last survivor of the Mercury 7.

    When Lieutenant Commander Carpenter splashed down off Puerto Rico in his Aurora 7 capsule on May 24, 1962, after a harrowing mission, he had fulfilled a dream.

    “I volunteered for a number of reasons,” READ MORE

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    I remember Carpy who used to contribute to the Aviation Forum on Compuserve way back when.

    Good guy.
    I intend to fly until my beard gets caught in the propeller. And since I don't plan on growing a beard, that may be a while. — Ernest K. Gann, age 69

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    I am delayed in this - but Rest In Peace <3

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