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    US Test Flights of MiG 15 in the 1950's

    Interesting video of US flight tests of a MIG-15 in the early 1950ís. One of the test pilots is Chuck Yeager.;...=0&w=4&s=0&z=2

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    I found this video fascinating. Besides vintage views of Chuck Yeager, the other featured test pilot, Michael Collins, later became well-known as the Apollo 11 Command Module pilot circling the moon waiting for Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to return.

    My dad flew F-86's in Korea and spoke often in his later years of his wartime experience. He would have agreed with the findings of this comparison test, but there are several things I'm sure he would have added. First, he always pointed out the F-86A's he flew in 1950 were not as capable as the F-86F's introduced later in the war. Primary improvements he used to mention involved wing slats, increased engine thrust, and a better lead-computing gunsight. Secondly, and most important from his perspective, the Sabre's 6 50 calibre machine guns made more sense than the slow rate of fire of the Mig's cannon. Lastly, because he wasn't a man to brag, he rarely mentioned the quality of our pilots to those they faced except to say they could usually tell when they ran up against Russian pilots.

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