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    Welcome to our Newest Member, Robert!


    Welcome to the Sky Viking Aviation Forum.

    Have a look around and dive into the discussions.

    I'd also like to call your attention to the Sky Viking Reading Room, a collection of articles by different authors. We are most excited about the Mike Feeney Reading Room. It's still "under construction" but a whole lot of articles are already posted.

    Again Robert, welcome.

    I intend to fly until my beard gets caught in the propeller. And since I don't plan on growing a beard, that may be a while. — Ernest K. Gann, age 69

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    Hi Carl,
    Its actually as a result off searching for information on my 2nd cousin who died while top dressing in 1962 that I found your site, triggered by meeting Barry Cardno who also was a top dressing pilot who crashed while top dressing and survived, but is in a wheel chair and resides in Onehunga Auckland. Met him recently at the local RSA.

    It was this blog that interested me: NEW ZEALAND AGRICULTURAL PILOT’S MEMORIAL ROLL VERSION 2. An unbelievable list of commercial pilots who have lost lives. My 2nd cousin is 43rd on the list. He was killed top dressing at 21 years old, his mother never got over it. My father told me a story that the plane had a fault in the tail and tried to land but crashed in a swamp, he died on impact.

    I would like to find out more about this accident, where would I start looking? I also think this list needs to be bought more to the publics attention. Most people would have no idea how many have died, I certainly didn't and I'm well read.

    I also have an interest in WW2 aircraft in particular the Lancaster, my father inlaw was in 75 squadron and completed his 30 sorties over Europe 1944/45 after D day. I've managed to collect all his sortie data from the Air Force museum in Christchurch. The have all the official records from the Airforce ministry UK. I was keen to see what he bombed and in particular the nasty city ones like Dresden. He didn't, but did bomb some interesting German industrial targets and German army positions. His biggest risk was being hit by another Lancaster as they flew in large formations. His plane was hit by a German night fighter which sliced through the tail fin and rudder, but they were able to limp back to England.

    I'm attempting currently to get the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund to release a DVD off the Bomber squadron memorial service held this year unveiling the statues to the men with the Lancaster flyover. The TV coverage was pathetic both here and in Britain. The BBC hold the footage and want money before releasing it so work in progress.

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    I wrote you a long post this morning but somehow it disappeared.

    I have an e-mail into Mike with a request to give you his e-mail address. In the mean time, you may find it in one of the Our Pacific Skies articles.

    Stand by.

    I intend to fly until my beard gets caught in the propeller. And since I don't plan on growing a beard, that may be a while. — Ernest K. Gann, age 69

    Daily Diatribe - (Carl's Blog)

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    Welcome Robert!
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