To all my friends on SkyViking.Net,

I am sorry about the lack of production from the Schnappi Werkes but, my right arm isn't cooperating and I can't do much of anything with it without screaming pain. I can, sort of, raise it straight ahead to chest level but, that's it. But, with all the bad weather, I have received permission, sort of, to continue construction in the house where I can sit and prop myself up. Painting, etc. still has to be done at the works so I have

6 airplanes
1 rocket
5 tanks
3 AAA mechanized vehicles

About six, rare treats...

Waiting for a warm day to be painted.

Fortunately, for me but unfortunate for the management here, there is a considerable number of unopened models piled up. Not my fault - Hangar 11.

Here is the plan:

First week in Feb. I go to the shoulder doctor. I have been taking therapy which is being done by ex concentration camp guards. Anyway, the decision will be made to keep what I have or get a shoulder replacement, which is my bet. The doctor is worried that it would wear out and I promised that my Dancing With The Stars career is over and I doubt I will play for the NFL.

After that, which I am told is very painful by the manager of this web site, I have paint a plenty and 4 new air guns. In the old days, for Christmas I would get Harley crap, watches, wallets, boots, coffee, knives, rings, frankly that is how Harley makes money. They sell you a $30,000 bike and you spend $10,000 on leather, and other stuff you don't need to be "biker bad". For those wishing to become biker bad, I will gladly give you lessons. From my days, all I have left is a scarred up helmet, two tattoos-one I got in Sarajevo and the other at Ft. Bragg. A limp, a ragged old jacket that I had to nearly fight a cop to get it back from the wreck - Angels colors which I now officially am a lifer, retired. My license plate BLK DTH from the bike and the speedometer semi-crushed.

Walk with a limp, etc,,,,

But now I get models and paint and enough glue to make the whole County high.

Enjoyed the new THOR movie and found a t-shirt from Vietnam with THE MIGHTY THOR on the front and his hammer, Mjolnir, on the back. Strangely, the Army did not see the requirement that I wear that instead of something green when I was touring the trees.

So thanks for the well wishes, it has been bad and will be, a hard climb. But, Fritz Nietsche says
"What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger".

Thus, I remain, faithfully, yours,

Schnappi, die klienes Krokodil

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