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    As we walked into FBO at McCollum Fieldís Preferred Jet Center, I glanced down to notice an embarrassing sweat spot down the front of my shirt. Yeah, it was a warm June day in Atlanta, but the perspiration outpaced the sticky, humid day. This was a nervous sweat, and it was mostly for naught. Iíd perspired a barrel while flying an airplane that Iíd perceived as a tiger and had discovered to be a pussycat. I donít know which is most accurate, telling you Iíd just flown a 700-horsepower Bonanza, a single-engine Baron, or a homebuilt aircraft that used a lot of parts from Wichita.

    Walker Hester and I go back a ways: We traveled the air show circuit back in my late high school and early college years. Like many of my air show colleagues, we lost touch when I left, but the wonders of social media brought us back together. Heíd flown A British Strikemaster jet not only in the air shows, but also over fortified positions as he conducted an aerial prison ministry. He ainít a perfect human by any stretch, but heís one of the good guys for. Walker was recuperating from an injury and three weeks of house arrest was about enough for him. ďLetís go fly the Harpoon tomorrow,Ē he said in a comment on Facebook. The next morning, we looked at the weather and agreed that the afternoon would be a good time to rally our efforts.

    Now, if youíre scratching your head and thinking youíre about to read about us flying the Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon of historical record, that picture is all wrong. Erase your mental chalkboard and start sketching in some new ideas.

    Continuted here:

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    Thanks, Pasture Pilot!

    Wish you'd take me with you some time!

    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    Thank you for the share! I love using social media to catch up with old friends it seems like everyone is somewhere to be found on the internet nowadays.

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