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    New SST Contender Aims For Mach 1.8

    Spike Aerospace, an engineering firm based in Boston, has joined the ranks of companies working to bring to market a new supersonic jet. Spike, which launched in 2011, says its S-512 will carry 12 to 18 passengers, sell for about $80 million, and reach speeds up to Mach 1.8.
    Rest of the article can be found here.

    There is also a video in the article for your viewing pleasure.

    What is the fastest jet you have flown?

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    This is cool stuff, SirenSong.

    Now that aerodynamic technology has advanced to the point that supersonic flight doesn't have to break windows (with sonic booms), I see the advancement of this type of aircraft.

    Mach 1.8 is roughly TWICE the speed of most corporate jets, which is a significant increase. Imagine NY to LA in three hours instead of six!

    It's probably going to use a lot of fuel to maintain that speed so I'll be curious about the range of the aircraft.
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