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    Aircraft maintenance: Listen to your airplane

    I found an article relating to how one can tell if there is something wrong with their aircraft just by being in tune with it. I believe this is also the same with cars, trucks, and other vehicles we find ourselves in for a considerable amount of time.

    As aircraft owners and/or pilots, we develop an acute ability to be “in touch” with the aircraft we fly. Sometimes it is conscious, such as when we hear a new noise or feel a vibration. Other times it can be almost subconscious, such as when we have a nagging feeling that something just isn’t right about how the aircraft is operating. Either way, it is critical that we address the situation head-on and take it upon ourselves (or our mechanic) to resolve the issue.
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    Has anyone here ever caught an issue and helped prevent a problem during flight just by knowing your machine so well?

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    This is so true, not only for maintenance but also for flying.

    As we become more attuned to our aircraft and develop consistent habits in its operation, small deviations from "norm" become apparent.

    If you're flying an ILS and it takes more than the normal amount of thrust to maintain approach speed, what does that tell you?
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