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    Past Olympic Towns - Ever visited? (Going to this years?)

    Bringing this up since we're going to the Lake Placid Winter Carnival this weekend. Lake Placid, why does that sound familiar? Oh maybe because it's hosted a few Olympic events

    We have gone here a few times and plan to stay there all weekend (so I may be AWOL for the time being). We've never actually gone to a live location, but may have to try for the next one.

    Is anyone going to this years? Ever been to one live? Are you watching it on the tele this year? Do you even care?

    So many questions!

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    I have never had this privilege, well I've never vacationed in an area. Flown over them? Definitely!

    Have fun on your little get away.
    Hagar likes boats. I like airplanes!

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    We had a great time Enjoyed the light up palace, walking around on a frozen lake (usually I am too chicken), spending time together, and my other favorite past time...spending money. xD

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