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    European Parliament Approves Draft Law On Passenger Rights

    Link |here|

    “The downside for passengers is that mandatory compensation will continue to feed through to higher ticket prices,” KPMG’s global head of aviation James Stamp says. “The airline industry is highly competitive, and has thin margins, so these costs cannot be absorbed.”
    What do you guys think about this? And do you think higher tickets would affect the amount of people flying 'for fun' or 'vacation' as opposed to business?

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    I don't believe it will impact how many people fly, just perhaps how much spending money they have to use at their destination.
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    ONE day in the not too distant future, so the hoary old story goes, airliners will have only two crew members on the flight deck—a pilot and a dog. The pilot’s job will be to feed the dog. The dog’s job will be to bite the pilot if he touches the controls. Despite all the talk about drone-like autonomous passenger planes, cockpit automation is nowhere near capable enough to manage without human pilots on the flight deck. It is doubtful whether the technology—at least, as it is currently configured—will ever let that happen.

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    I think you're right, Zeemal.

    The plane I fly is just about as automated as it gets but without a qualified pair of pilots on board, even the dog would be frightened!
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