Senate Passes Third-Class Medical Reform
Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 moves to the House.
By Pia Bergqvist Posted December 18, 2015

Third-class FAA medical reform bill one step closer to reality.
The Senate has passed the Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 (PBR2), moving the much-anticipated third-class FAA medical reform bill one step closer to reality. The news came only days after the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation approved the bill. The new medical requirements, should the bill pass the House, would ensure most pilots never need an aviation medical exam again.
The Senate passed the bill by unanimous consent. This win for the pilot community has been a very long time coming, though modifications were made to the original language, which would have allowed many pilots to fly without any medical exam.
The new bill does require at least one medical exam for new student pilots, special issuance medical holders and pilots who haven't had a medical in 10 years, but would remove the current requirement for recurrent checks for pilots flying with a third-class medical certificate.

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