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    767 Gear Up Landing!

    Check out this video!

    One of the passengers interviewed compared the Captain of this ship to Chesley Sullenberger.

    Any thoughts?
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    A good piece of airmanship, to be sure.

    This crew did their job well and did so under pressure.

    Captain Wrona had to learn how to fly and land his airplane without the familiar drag of the landing gear. You can notice him learning as he goes when you hear the engines spooling up before landing.

    Nice job. Probably not a pilot on earth, including Chesley Sullenberger, who could have done it better.

    Compare it to what Chesley Sullenberger and his crew did?

    No way.

    Chesley Sullenberger had a matter of minutes to decide what to do. He had no altitude and no engines. Not even enough altitude to consider trying to restart the engines, which likely would not have restarted. Langewiesche said, "Speed is money in your pocket. Altitude is money in the bank." Chesely Sullenberger found himself suddenly broke with one choice for him and his crew/passengers to make it down alive.

    If he had tried to make it to a "real" airport, all on board would have perished and a whole bunch of people on the ground would have died as well.

    He had to learn how to make an airbus a glider. He had to learn to overcome the extremely strong urge to try to make it to the familiar territory of an airport, any airport.

    Like Captain Wrona, he did what leaders and professionals do and exercised not only good judgement but decisiveness.

    But unlike Captain Sullenberger, Captain Wrona had at least two and probably three hours to think about what he was going to do and to consult with folks on the ground, and get the emergency crews on the ground ready for a potential disaster at a place they were familiar with working (the airport). He only had to learn one thing, really, and that was to control descent and airspeed without the landing gear. He had to remind himself that asymmetric thrust was going to be is only steering after touchdown and only as long as the engines kept working. A new challenge to be sure but not that hard for a man of his experience in a plane with big air brakes. He would have used all the automation available to him including the autopilot, instrument landing system (ILS), etc... I'm sure he makes great landings like that when the wheels are down as well.

    Nobody was ready for Sullenberger's landing in the Hudson River. They had maybe a minute's warning.

    Captain Wrona's team did a great job, one we'd expect from the professionals they are. I look forward to seeing Captain Wrona on "the circuit" speaking to pilot groups because for sure we have things to learn from him.

    This is, however, what we call a "planned emergency" where there is time to work out a plan of action. Sullenberger's was an "unplanned" emergency, much more challenging, potentially more deadly (to passengers AND people on the ground) and Sully performed perfectly.

    Not the same thing, in my humble opinion.
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