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    SkyViking.Net Forum Rules

    First and foremost, SkyViking.Net Forum Members (Members) must understand that SkyViking.Net is a public place on the Internet where individuals post their thoughts and opinions. SkyViking.Net is the Internet version of the soap box, the sidewalk, and the bulletin board, if you will and is not responsible for the publicly expressed thoughts and opinions of its members any more than a bar owner is responsible for the (perhaps inebriated!) utterances of his/her patrons. The individual posting Member is solely responsible for the content of his or her posts.

    SkyViking.Net is primarily an educational forum about aviation topics. As the primary purpose of the site is learning from each other, SkyViking.Net strives to maintain an environment of peaceful scholarly decorum on the site. At the same time, we ask that our members respect the different dispositions and personalities that may participate in the discussions here from time to time.

    The Primary Rules are:
    1. No personal attacks of other site Members or threatening anyone.
    2. No Advertising by Members
    3. No Pornography

    Members who violate any of the above rules are subject to censure, suspension, or (in extreme cases) being banned from site.

    The truth is that there is no manner of rules or regulations that will cover every conceivable eventuality, so it should be clear that there will be some latitude of interpretation by the moderators. There is no desire on the part of SkyViking.Net to establish comprehensive rules covering every possible eventuality. Moderators are charged with maintaining the scholarly decorum and tranquility described above, and as such, will act accordingly.

    To expound on the above a bit further,

    1. No Personal Attacks or threats to other SkyViking.Net members
    While we understand that debate does become “spirited” at times, and consider that good, we hold strongly that members should not be criticized or attacked but rather their arguments and ideas should be questioned and/or debated.

    Members should discuss and debate eagerly while striving for civility and tranquility.

    The following are considered “personal attacks” by SkyViking.Net:
    a. Threatening another member
    b. "Calling out" another member by name
    c. Publishing another member's personal data such as name, e-mail, phone number, etc.
    d. Trolling other members.
    e. Other offenses that may be construed as a threat.

    2. No pornography
    SkyViking.Net WILL remain a family oriented site where parents have no reason to worry about what their children will see when visiting. Moderators will use their own judgment in this regard and are given wide latitude to do so. Moderators, like anyone else, may not be able to define pornography, but they know it when they see it!

    3. No advertising
    As a privately owned website, SkyViking.Net has no desire to provide free space for advertising business ventures, nor does it wish the discussion forum to be clogged with advertising not related to the discussion. Members may not submit posts for the purpose of advertising a business. The use of hidden links in posts, white text (so it will not be seen by most viewers), and other spamming techniques are prohibited.

    Having said that, SkyViking.Net is a community and in most communities people may "hang out a shingle" advertising their personal business. On SkyViking.Net it is acceptable to include in your signature a web address to your personally owned, primary domain website provided that the site does not compete with SkyViking.Net and there are no additional codes included in the link. For example: would be acceptable. would not be allowed.

    In short, you must own the site/URL, only link to the primary URL, and the site must not compete with SkyViking.Net.

    Also, authors publishing articles on the site are permitted include in their article a link to their own website.

    Some other examples of practices that are considered prohibited as advertising not allowed on SkyViking.Net are:
    a. Any post which has a clear purpose of promoting a website or product
    b. Hijacking unrelated posts to pitch another idea
    c. Continually and intentionally provoking other members without adding substantial content to the discussion
    d. Making generalized attacks on groups of people based on race, nationality, religion, gender, etc..

    Another form of “SPAM” that, as a general rule is not allowed on SkyViking.Net, is “sock puppets” or “multiple personalities” or in other words, one member using more than one userid. There are certain rare circumstances where a member might use two userids because of personal considerations. SkyViking.Net will consider requests to allow a second userid but it must be approved IN ADVANCE and both userids must be on record with us. Use of multiple personalities/sock puppets/etc. subjects all userids involved to potential banning from SkyViking.Net.

    Again, Members must understand that no set of rules, no matter how detailed, could possibly contemplate every possible situation that may come up in the course of operating a forum like SkyViking.Net. As such, moderators will have to make judgements from time to time on situations not necessarily specifically covered in these rules.

    If Members do their best to adhere to the prime directive of scholarly and gentlemanly/lady-like decorum, there should be little need for moderation.

    The rules are intended to be, primarily, guidance for members and moderators.

    Fly Safe,

    The Founders
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