Oftentimes, we will begin a discussion because someone posts an article from another website.

Take a look at this thread for three or four good examples:


As one might imagine, there are some copyright considerations when we copy content from another site and post it on Sky Viking. We actually have a specific written policy to keep us out of trouble in this regard: http://www.skyviking.net/showthread....pliance-Policy

There are two reasons NOT to copy an entire article:

1. It may violate the copyright. We can't just make wholesale copies of other peoples' articles and post them on Sky Viking.

2. Google and other search engines punish sites with large amounts of text identical to that found on other sites. That means if we copy an article from say, "Air and Space" in its entirety, then Google, et al will punish both Air and Space as well as Sky Viking in their search engine rankings (i.e. how high in the search engine results the sites appear).

The best way to do it is to write a short intro, a sentence or two, explaining why you think it's interesting, copy the first paragraph or two (i.e. an "excerpt"), and then post a link to the article on the website where you found it. This makes your post a reference to the article and actually helps the other site's rankings by showing links to the articles (Google et al like links!)

You can either just copy and past the link or, if you want to get fancy, you can create a "Read More" link like you see in some of my posts. If you type "Read More" and then highlight it, you can then click on the "link" button in the editor control panel (above the space you're typing in - it's the one with globe and chain link) and then copy your link into the space provided, click OK and POOF! you've made a Read More link. Here's an example that will take you to the Copyright and DMCA Compliance Policy page:

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