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Thread: The Dream

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    The Dream

    Nothin like working at a regonal airline for 15 years and taking a beating through 2 bankruptcies and numerous paycuts. The dream has turned into a nightmare at every turn. Maybe the majors will finally break open their hiring and save me from the minor leagues and all bs associated with them. The dream that was once Rome is alive, but on life support.


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    New dream.

    When I grow up (read "retire"), I'm going to buy a Citabria and teach flying to people who actually want to learn how to fly.
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    Done the regional airline thing myself, but not nearly as long as Captain Bushpilot, and I have to echo his sentiments. In 2001, I felt like we had a small amount of respect from the flying public and from the company.

    After so many years of seeing metropolitan bus drivers get twice the salary and four times the benefits of a regional airline first officer, it got a little discouraging. In my short but happy stint as a regional airline captain, I made less than $50,000 a year.

    Regional Airline First Officers with a family are likely to be on food stamps but everyone who "knows" what a great gig it is to be an airline pilot can't understand the impending shortage.
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    That's rough, but it's your fault for staying at that job for 15 years, and not having more ambition.

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